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2630 Croydon Drive Sanger California 93657 US

Ofelia City East offers handmade, eco-friendly, sustainable kids & adults accessories.

The idea to create cute waterproof bags and totes was inspired by my children. They would come home from school with their dirty soggy gym clothes bunched up in a disposable plastic zipped bag from their teacher. It did the job, but I had to find a better way to transport their clothes and prevent these plastic bags from sitting in a landfill. To the sewing machine I went and some adorable reusable waterproof bags were born. With Ofelia City East, I’m able to provide my customers something stylish, cute, earth-friendly and practical. That’s a whole lot of wins in my book.

While I love making reusable bags, I’ve expanded into kids’ clothes and accessories.

Business mail : ofeliacityeast@gmail.com

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